Duplicate selected views as dependant

Hi All,

I found this graph on BIM Arena, created it in dynamo 1.3 and it worked a treat! I have since upgraded to 2.0 and the graph runs out a ‘false’. See below the graph.
Any ideas why it is not duplicating the view as dependant? also i have tried ‘view.duplicate’ node and it comes up the same.


When a node is still grey at the top, for example your View.DuplicateAsDependent, that means that it is not running because it is missing an input. I don’t know how earlier versions of that node worked but this one requires you to use a name as the input for it to work.

Another way to tell is that the output of the node is Function, meaning it isn’t doing anything yet.

Hi Kenny,

Ahhh Thats it! i linked the ‘Element.name’ node into the ‘view.duplicateAsdependant’ node and it is now working perfectly.
Thank you for your reply.