Duplicate Sheet Bimorph nodes and Dependent view with scope boxes

When trying to use the duplicate sheets from Bimorph nodes it does a great job until you have dependent views that are associated to a scope box. The node will duplicate the dependent and parent view and place duplicated dependent view on the sheet; However the scope box is not reapplied to the sheet. When I reapply the scope box the view is not at the correct location on the sheet. I have manged to work around the problems of reapplying the required scope boxes and moving the view to the correct position once the scope box is applied. What I am struggling with is getting the viewport title to move to the newly re-cropped view. Has anyone else also encounter this problem or have a solution. I have attached image of graph that I am using.

Any update on this topic? @Thomas_Mahon

Have the same problem.
With duplicate option “Duplicate” the hierachy of parent views and dependent views is right.
But crop region is not assumed. With duplicate option “asDependent” it’s great. But doesn’t work for me, because parent views have to be different.

Thomas, Thank you very much for the awesome package.

Currnetly its not supported. By design, the node does not duplicate dependent views via the API otherwise it would not be possible to maintain the same view structure, so dependent views are recreated from scratch. All other view types are duplicated via the API which is why this issue only affects dependent views. I’ve added a feature request to Sheet.Duplicate to add support. In the meantime, you might need to see what else is out there which can set crop boxes and any split crops using the original views as a template.