View custom subcategories


A recent question prompted me to try out something, and I found out that the “Categories” node, while displaying the built-in categories and their built-in subcategories in the project, fails to display any custom subcategories that have been added through loaded families. Is there any way to display these custom subcategories?

Subcategories shown at Object Styles (project) are shown using the node Category.Subcategories [clockwork] … including your own.

You don’t get the same results?

I tried that one, but it doesn’t give the names. It just outputs Autodesk.Revit.DB.Category for each one.
I think you’re right though, it does give me the custom subcategories, as the number of items match.

@sed07 - Seems like you’re using an older version…

You’re right, installed the latest version and they showed up as expected.
I’m curious as to why you filtered out the negative IDs?

Well, you did say you were interested in the custom subcategories. This is how you separate them from the built-in ones.

Ahh, I see. It’s perfect, thanks!