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We just migrated to Revit 2020 and found out that again the default Categories node show different cats between Revit or Dynamo versions!
We are trying not to use this node but I wonder why this occurs and whether we can make this node to be align with versions!!!

This is known behaviour by now, the reason is a different number of categories in Revit by year. The Node is remembering the index of the choice, not the choice itself. (You will see the same behaviour in other dropdown Nodes).

Use Category.ByName with a string input of your category of choice, or make a popup for your user selecting a Category Name and select from there.

Thanks Bjorn,
But why?
Can we not fix the node?

Go to the github page and start working on it.

It’s been resolved already. Fixed in graphs started in Dynamo for Revit 2.4 and up.

Great Jacob,

Thanks for the update!

@JacobSmall Am i right in saying that this fix will not work for earlier version though? So say you create a script in 2.4 or above, then use that script in 2.0.4 in revit 2019 then you will still have the issue wont you?

If yes i would still suggest people use the Hard Coding technique going forward with two examples in the below posts.

don’t use the categories pull down menu as the category list can change between Revit years.

instead use category.byname and feed it the specific name in a code block or string.

Should be fine as long as the file originated in 2.4 or later - the selection value is stored like a dictionary instead of a index.

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