Categories Node fail


I have a Problem with the Node “Categories”. The same dynamo file does not work with different Revit versions. I have to save a dynamo file for every version of revit, because the node does change automatically the chosen Categorie.

Is there an other way to get the Categories?

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Hi @Cree-G,

Use the Category.ByName node with the name of the category as a string.

For Element Types use the ElementType.ByName of Clockwork package.


Haha great minds think alike :smiley:

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What means that?

@Cree-G Here’s a video explaining your problem.
Here’s a script resolving it.

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I mean this post from Dann, whats that?

I said the exact same thing as Alban at the same time, but i didn’t see him replying after i posted it :slight_smile:

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