View Creation with data-shapes

I am attempting to create a script that will give 3 series of check boxes: level, discipline, and phase. I want it to create the views, name them, and finally apply view templates. I am struggling with how exactly to map out the user inputs with the action I want to be performed. Any advice would be appreciated.

was trying to do a similar thing, but only used one of the list view nodes. I would like to improve and separate by level. Hopefully we can get some help from the adepts in the forum.
try changing the values to the output from all elements. I believe Keys are a “Description” and values should have ID, at least for the level one. pop open the results form the UI form and you will probably get three list, that than can be used to create views. I used the index to recall the ids "pass through ".

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The inputs seem to be working well now. However, I can only seem to create one instance of each level. Instead of every iteration selected.

You need to feed the FloorPlanView.ByLevel multiple instances of the level if you want it to create more than one. If you want it based off of the number of items checked later on (discipline, etc) you can connect those outputs to a Count node and make a list of repeated item with the level like so:


Awesome, thank you! The repeater was the missing node I needed. Now if I can just figure out why it’s only naming 2 of the 12 views correctly…

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I think this is due to your list structuring not matching between your Code Block output and your FloorPlanView.ByLevel output. If you could upload your .dyn file it will help to troubleshoot without having to recreate the conditions !

Here it is.

H_CreateViews with repeater.dyn (93.5 KB)

You are definitely onto something. The output of my two lists do not match up.

I’m so close I can taste it! My list structure matches between my lists for creating floor plans and naming them. Maybe I need to separate the groups of floor plans (by phase for example) and each one would have it’s own FloorPlanView.ByLevel and Element.SetParameterByName nodes? Right now I combine the lists of names and levels first, then try to generate the whole list at once.

H_CreateViews Cleaned up for Upload.dyn (95.4 KB)

Does List.GetItemAtIndex work without specifying a numerical input for the index?

no, don’t think so. you would not input the index number, it will be tied on your selection of the input list that could be a string.


does the fie workes?

I have the same problem.
I want to create views like these by level and by template too.

i only want to set views by same kind (raw ceiling top edge).