Create Views By Levels and Apply Template


I am trying to set up a routine to Create Multiple Plan view from a list of Levels and then apply a view template. I have two issues that I am running into.

1- When I insert a list of Level in it will only create a plan view for the first item - thoughts

2- Is there a method to isolate a list of all view templates in a project? Currently I have this as a Text input and works, but would prefer a list of current View Templates in a Project.

Capture 1


Ok as soon as I posted I figure out one Item - I switched the Custom Nodes to ‘Longest’ and then I was able to create all levels.

Still trying to get a list of View templates in a project.


<span class=“author-link”>Mike, </span>

<span class=“author-link”>If you subscribe to you will get a link to the Stockroom Nodes for Dynamo (they’re not installed through the package manager!!!). One of these excellent nodes specifically list out what view templates are present in your project. On the site there is a list or nodes that they have ready and what’s planned. Its very exciting stuff indeed.</span>

It takes them a few hours (or days, I can’t remember) to send you the link.


Or you use these two nodes from package Clockwork: