Create Plan Views and Set names

I got a problem with node as the picture

Please help me how do i fix this problem . Thanks !

@thanhtrinh1206 please upload your dyn or share a link

Or show complete graph with all the previews visible.

You need to feed the node GetLevelByName with a list of names (strings) and then connect it directly to FloorPlans.ByLevel

Hi Mate ,
Thank you !

Hi Mate ,
do you knew, that i got problem as the picture attached . from Input node to List.Map node


It’s not really clear what you want to achieve, I tried to open your file but some parts are missing, so it’s difficult to help. What I understand is that you have an Excel file with a list of levels and you want to use it to create views.
I think the solution might be one of these three, and anyway I would not use List.Map:

  1. Levelref are levels, so you connect it directly to FloorPlanView.ByLevel
  2. Levelref are strings, so you connect it to Select.GetLevelByName and then to FloorPlanView.ByLevel
  3. Levelref are something else, so you connect it to StringFromObject, then to Select.GetLevelByName and then to FloorPlanView.ByLevel

Hi Mr. lucamanzoni,
Thank you so much !