Create fixed number of views from level


I’m trying to make many views from few levels, but I have some troubles with SetParameterByName node. Its seems that values are backing from view name list to View.ByLevel node and I don’t understand why… Maybe someone can help me?

Then I Freez SetParameterByName node I get these values:

I believe that someone can help me with this issue :slight_smile:

@Gytis_Jurgelevicius Could you try to explain your issue once again by highlighting portions (on your images) that you’d like to draw attention to.

Hello Vikram,

Thanks for reply.

I have 3 levels and I want create 16 views for each level (48 views in total). Also I have a list of name for all 48 views. From these two list I want generate all views from my levels and give them correct name from list. In Dynamo final result looks good, but in Revit I just getting 1 copy of views, I mean, I get just 3 levels * 2 = 6 views. (Picture below). And I dont know there is a problem :confused:

Three plans per level, for clarity. Hope this conveys the idea.
If / When Revit prompts to rename corresponding levels, click No
MultiplePlanViews.dyn (81.4 KB)


Excellent! It works clear for me. Thank you!

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