Vasari Installation issues / Dynamo

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Hi all:

Just reading about the new standalone version of Dynamo (very exciting) and thought I’d take a look at it. So in order to do so, I understand it needs to have Revit or Vasari installed to initially operate. ( I also understand Vasari still has till May 31st before it time bombs)

So I went for Vasari, loading it onto (64 bit version of Window 7).

85801230, Product Key: 895F1 as required.

And needless to say I hit the wall sort of speak because I’m getting the same issues as described in this previous post.

Activation Vasari Beta 3


After this fails, I go on to request a activation code as linked in the window above.

From what I’ve determined, like others is that the input of the serial # returns a product code

for Formit. rather than Vasari.


Going further Vasari isn’t even on a list of products that one can inquire into to get a proper

request in

I could go on ( being timed - out etc.) but needless to say that my installation attempt failed.

Maybe I’ll pursue this later, but for now I’ll give it a rest.

But does anyone know what happens after May 31st regarding Vasari?

That might have a bearing on my next, hopefully better equipped attempt.


Thanks for listening.











Sorry for your troubles installing Vasari back in April - did you ever get it working? If you want to take another shot at it, I’d be glad to help where I can. Note that if you have a student email, you can also download Revit for free for non-commercial use. Curious as to your statement about standalone Dynamo being very exciting. Can you tell me a little about what you envision using it for and in what context? I’m gathering that you are not necessarily a fan of having to install Revit or Vasari along with it. Would you envision ultimately using your Dynamo scripts on Revit or are you looking at workflows that are totally separate than Revit? We are looking at putting more development into standalone, but want to understand what people want to use it for and in what contexts. Let me know your thoughts if you have a chance.


Lilli (Autodesk)