Dynamo without Vasari?

After May 31st Dynamo will only be available on systems with a Revit licence?

( http://autodeskvasari.com/forum/topics/important-message-about-the-vasari-timeout-on-may-31-2015 )

If so, that would be unfortunate for users (like me) who primarily use Dynamo in stand alone (sandbox) mode.

A clarification would be appreciated.



Vikram Subbaiah

Is the issue that Dynamo needs a Revit license, or does it just need Revit/Vasari installed so that it can piggyback some of the software? In other words, if you installed a Revit Trial version but never opened it or activated it, would the Dynamo still work in Sandbox mode 30 days later?

Stay tuned, we are working on an access to Dynamo without Revit installed! We should be able to take care of you before the May 31 timeout

Vikram, can you tell us a little about what kinds of projects that you are working on and what other software you have Dynamo interacting with?



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I’ve been experimenting and exploring the use of Dynamo in Conceptual design. My attempt has been to utilize dynamo (design script)in the early design stages without any complicated math. With no preconceived result in mind, abstract design intent finds expression in lines of code.

I have used this approach in submitting three design competition entries in the recent past. The zoning/floor layouts (spatial planning) was to a large extent generated with code on Dynamo. This is obviously me just scratching the surface of the endless possibilities. I haven’t even looked at anything technical yet.

  1. Guggenheim Helsinki (http://goo.gl/zXHmCg)

  2. Bamiyan Cultural Center (http://goo.gl/lgDi0x)

  3. Bauhaus Museum Dessau (Submitted two days back, cant yet make it public)

About 90% of the design process is Dynamo script based. I use Revit only towards the end.


The scripting part of Dynamo has so consumed me that I haven’t felt the need to try out any other software recently. It’s just Dynamo and Revit. Mostly Dynamo.

I am so excited by the potential that this offers that everything else has taken a back seat.

Mine is a single person design oriented practice and I’d like not to be forced into generating income to maintain a licence(s).



Vikram Subbaiah