Variation of section by axis

Hello to everyone: I have to extrude along the way along it. Try to adapt some files but it is not possible since it always has to go horizontal. attached files

adjunto archivos

PUNTOS_2.xlsx (9.9 KB) TUNNEL.dyn (11.0 KB)SECCION 1.dwg (299.4 KB) SECCION 2.dwg (299.4 KB)

This is an English forum…

Hello Javier,

Welcome to the Dynamo Forums! It’s awesome to see more Civil3D questions coming through now :partying_face:

Most of the members of this forum speak English and as such you will have more luck asking for help in the forum’s ‘common’ language :slight_smile:

@jacob.small may be able to help you with some targetted Civil3D answers - I unfortunately have not yet played with it.

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It appears you’re in Dynamo for Revit, not Dynamo for Civil 3D. The two do not mix outside of Dynamo core nodes (ie: structuralframing.beambycurve is Revit only) and some packages. Can you explain the overall workflow here?

You are also missing an input into the List.GetItemAtIndex which becomes your X value, as a result you might be drawing a series of beams along the YZ plane. Fixing that may resolve the issue, but again I don’t really get what you are after so I cannot say.


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Is that what you want to do?

1.rfa (364 KB) Family2.rfa (592 KB)

Hello Solamour:

I know this forum is revit not civil 3d. but what I have to do is in revit and my question comes to that I’ve seen a montage similar to the one I’m trying to make.

I know that for a beginner like me, it is complicated but I know that in the forums there are usually people who share their work and help.

without more I leave a link for you to see it.

Hello Javier,

This forum is for Dynamo - all flavours are welcomed! So not just Revit, but Civil 3D, Alias, FormIt, Advanced Steel, Studio and Sandbox :muscle: So please do keep asking any questions related to Dynamo!

I’ve looked at the Video - it’s pretty complex. Without having access to the scripts it’s a little harder to break down, but I can get you started.

The following graph can be a starter for you - it’s heavily annotated, so please download it and have a look!

It creates this back inside of Revit:

Javier85_Create_Tunnel_Path_Sweep.dyn (42.3 KB)

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