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Hello to everyone:

I am generating a tunnel in dynamo, but I am not able to have a structure with an axis but I am not able to apply the mass or change it to apply it, instead of being a beam. I attach the files in case you can help me.

Thank you

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Hola a tod@s:

Estoy generando un túnel en dynamo, pero no soy capaz tengo echa ya una estructura con un eje pero no soy capaz de aplicar la masa o cambiarlo para aplicarla, en lugar de que sea una viga. adjunto los archivos por si me podeis ayudar.


este deberia ser el resultado

PUNTOS_2.xlsx (9.9 KB) SECCION TUNEL.rfa (384 KB) Seccion_tipo.dwg (46.9 KB)



I edited your file a bit and created a working scenario. Please review it carefully and create a similar scenario.

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1.rfa (408 KB) tous doc.rfa (536 KB)

First of all thank you for your time.

I wanted to try to open it but my version is not compatible with the revit you have … could you save it in 2019?


Unfortunately, I use Revit 2020.

-Create "Generic Model Adaptive " Family Template.
-Create "Geometry " using the "Section " you shared.
-Then upload the Family you created into another file.