Using OR statement in condition

Because of crappy search cannot find any topic about this.
The task is to filter a list of elements by a parameter value from a list, not by exact value. The length of the list of possible values varies. Any ideas?

@Nikolay_Gerasimov1 Something like this?

If this doesn’t help, a better description with screenshots would help others understand your problem better

Thanks for the quick reply, looks like it should work, didn’t know that == function works with lists. But:

What’s wrong with this?

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@Nikolay_Gerasimov1 Explore Levels by clicking on the arrow besides x and y
Note that I have done so in the example I posted

Still doesn’t work

Ok. Double check - that method works with numbers. With strings things are more interesting:


@Nikolay_Gerasimov1 The output from Parameter.ParameterByName is not a string
Try changing the level of y (instead of x) will structure the lists differently.

See if the below example helps …

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