== for multi "y"

Hi again!

Look, I got list and I need to filter. I only know how to make it this way, but I think there is an better solution.
Thank you.

Hi Aleksandr,

Looking at your workflow your trying to assign null values to your “Element.SetParameterByName” node if your looking to assign values as “xxx” & “yyy” you need to use Double Prime (") symbol in code block.

Yes, thank to you and Vikram!

The porpose of my theme- I have a list, (Cycle 1…10) and I want to filter this list by comparison with 2 numbers, perhaps “3” and "6 and finaly get true/false result of this comprasion.

First list:

after comprasion:

At my first post I get it by using 2 “==” nodes, but I looking for better way.