Or Statement returns null value when using lists

Hello everyone,

I tried to create a simple filter inside my script to filter out weird results from Intersecting planes with Curves, but when i try to use an “Or” statement i just get a null value. See Screenshot below:

It seems like the Or statement doesnt support lists as input.

I can solve it with a Code Block:


But why does the Or statement not support lists?

These are two different methods.

Or: https://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Core/Logic/Action/Or
||: https://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Operators/Action/Or

These exist in most languages, including their being under logic actions and operator actions. An explanation on the Python content is available here: https://vegibit.com/logical-and-comparison-operators-in-python/.

hi @Daan,

you are comparing list to another list in the Or Node that is why the output is null. The Or Node only accepts singular values like boolean, int, etc.