Filter list with minor and equal conditional

Hello, I do not know why I can not filter a list using the logical operator of equal minor, it only allows me to use the equal.


Need to see all of the input lists and their data structure to know what the issue is here.

I would check your ‘Get Parameter’ parameter results for an empty or null result and then filter it accordingly.

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I believe is correct in that you have multiple types of data here. Note that by adding any non-numerical value to the front of a list results in a ‘null’ when using any mathematical logic, as asking if “A” > 1 is comparing across types, but using the Equals node (not the == node) you’re asking is this the same object type and the same value?

You can confirm this is the issue by placing a List.Unique values after the <= node, and you’ll likely see a list of {true,false,null}.

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