Using Dynamo with Revit 2017 without a connection to

I work in a client office where they are not allowing a connection to

Will I be able to use Dynamo in this environment? I think I can download and get Dynamo installed, but, the package manager doesn’t work out of the box since it can’t get to Is there some way to download packages and put them on our LAN that would make them available to our users?

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Mike Weaver

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If you use a computer that does not have these limitations and install dynamo there, download all packages you need and install those. Then go to “C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\packages”, copy this directory to a memorystick. Go to your workplace and set up a central location for the packages. Copy all the files from the memorystick to this location. Start Dynamo and go to settings, you’ll see an option to add a location for your packages. Stop Dynamo and restart it. That should do it i guess. There might be a culprit, but i leave that to the founders. :slight_smile:


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you can also add a network share as the location for packages

I think that is what I needed. I’ll have to play around with it when I get back to work.