Really Stupid Newbie Question - Installed Packages

This is a really stupid question, but I don’t know the answer: I’m trying to make use of packages of nodes and I installed one through the Package manager. As far as I can tell it’s installed in my Dynamo. But the problem I have is that it does not appear when I search for it so I can’t use it. How do you use the packages that you download? I’m sorry again for such a stupid question.

I found them in the packages folder and they seem to work when I drag them into the definitions folder within in the core. Is that how it is supposed to work? Or is there a more automagic way when you download through package server?

It should work automatically. It takes some time for the server to update the list. I don’t know if that’s the case now but for it to work in the past, you needed to be logged in the subscription center from inside Revit.

When you go to the packages>manage packages menu, you should see a list of all the ones installed. And if you select the big “+” and “Show Types” you can see the name of the nodes. Sometimes the packages hold more than one node and the name varies a bit from the title.

Cody, do you have more than one version of Dynamo installed? If so, make sure your packages are in the right packages folder:

C:\Autodesk\Dynamo\Core\dynamo_packages for version 0.6.3
C:\Autodesk\Dynamo07\Core\dynamo_packages for version 0.7.x

It definitely shows in the Packages with all the item that should be there. But I had to add them manually to the core in order for them to work. I may not have been logged in to my autodesk through revit, but should that matter if say you had run version 7 of Dynamo that is stand alone? I’ll try another package to see if logging in makes it work. Thanks!

Which version of Dynamo were you using, and which package were you trying to install? Does this happen for other packages as well?

Try out the newest build if you are not already using it: