Package Download Error

Hi there amazing people :slight_smile:

I seem to have issues with several (of then most popular) packages out there, and I can’t seem to be able to solve it. I have both Revit 2023 and Dynamo Sandbox installed, so I thought the “different environment” could be Revit in this case. I have erased all the packages (including from \Users…\AppData\Dynamo, I have reinstalled both dynamo and Revit, but I am still getting this message when trying to download these packages. Any suggestions on what the issues might be?

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Hi @synthline ,

Some packages contain dependencies, for some nodes, from Revit or Civil3D. For example when you are trying to interact with specific Revit API elements the node has to load Revit libraries.

You can install these packages if you want but not all nodes will work as expected when you, for example, try to use Civil3D nodes in Revit.

PS: Are you using Dynamo Sandbox in your screenshot?

Hi @Daan

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, the screenshot was taken when attempting to install the packages on the Sandbox.

Alright, so what other packages I need to install in order to make the packages I would like to have installed to work?

Hi @synthline ,

You can install all packages without any problems, per the description given in your screenshot.
Just keep in mind that nodes which are depended on Revit, Civil, Formit, etc API’s won’t work.

Hey @Daan

I did that over the weekend and I had major issues with setting up my scripts.

I was checking a bunch of tutorials and the nodes that were supposed to be in my installed packages weren’t.

A good example here could be the Applications.Open.File.Document from the rhythm package.

And I am rather new to Dynamo so I don’t really know my way around (if there are any) in this instance and many other…

I also tried to develop my models inside my revit model (and accessing dynamo like that) but I need to run some commands on a huge batch of revit models, and I cannot do that since, in this instance, my dynamo is tied to my revit model.

Is there any workaround this? :slight_smile:

Hi @synthline ,

Didn’t know that the nodes don’t even show up when you don’t use the correct host. But yeah that is because you need to use Dynamo for Revit to use those nodes.

Do these nodes exist in your Dynamo for Revit library?
Also, what kind of document are you trying to open? If it’s a Revit document you will have to use Dynamo for Revit.

There are some packages to do this, don’t know which one(s) from the top of my head. However this is another question so please make another topic for that.

thanks for the answer. I’ll try to do some search on the forum and if I can’t find an answer, I’ll post a new topic for that.

Have a great day :smiley: