Using Dynamo to Place Devices

I’m trying to use Dynamo to automatically place receptacles in an office at the correct locations. Everything I’ve seen in the forums involves manipulating objects that have already been placed in Revit, but nothing about actually placing new objects. Can Dynamo do this?

How do you plan on specifying the correct locations for the items?


You can use the FamilyInstance.byPoint node tof place a famity instance.

But I don’t know how you would determine the correct location

I haven’t figured that out yet. I was trying to get the locations of the walls of the room from a linked model in Revit using Element.GetFromLinkedFile (SteamNodes package). I’m brand new to Dynamo so I’m not too familiar with its capabilities.

As Sylvester mentioned above, it’s quite straight forward.


Try using Element.Location from Clockwork Package. It will give you the location of walls in specific rooms.

That seems to work.

Next question:

I’m using Element.GetFromLinkedFile to get a list of all of the walls in the building. How do I filter the list to only give me one wall?