Using dynamo to automatically place electrical switches next to door openings

Hey there. I have seen videos that placing switches next to door openings is possible. As well as sockets. I have never used Dynamo before. Any guidelines where should I start from to achieve what I mentioned?

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Hello! Welcome to the forum! It looks like there are a few posts on this topic already. I would check out the linked post below to get you started on your task.

For further investigation and future scripts, I would look at other posts on the forum, the Dynamo Primer, and Revit API Docs if you start working with custom Python nodes.

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Hi @Tecker …do you want to do it on active spaces or linked room…then i have something here as @tim.ingle mention…it can easy be modified so it could work on active room as well…

the example here is on linked rooms…hope it could help…

and for facebased families…Placing a face based family next to a door - #3 by vc98BY9

You could try this video from @GavinCrump ,not sure it show placement with respect of doorhinge and sving…but could be a good start as well…Outlet Placement using Dynamo! - YouTube


I have a linked construction file so in linked room, yes. And families are face based.