Non Hosted Family Placement aligned to wall inner face

Hi All,
As mentioned in the below link

Now I am able to place a family as desired but the orientation of family need to be controlled.
Now the switch is placed inside the wall as shown below.

I want to place the switch aligned with the inner surface of wall as shown below.
Note :
I am using a non hosted switch family.
I have tried to achieve it with this node ,but it requires a hosted family.

switches Testing.dyn (33.0 KB)
Is there any way to achieve it.?

Here is the revit file
Desired Output is shown below.

Hi @j.sunnyT6MVA …probably something here could help…

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I referred it.But it uses rooms from arch file.As rooms may not be there in all arc files, I am trying it without using rooms.Thanks.

OK…but could work with a little bit modifying …good luck :wink:

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sure will try.

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How will you find which wall surface belong to without rooms or spaces ??

Try the RayBounce method

can we use it ?

yes.Checking whether raybounce can be applied for a surface.