Locate a switch beside every door in a liked model

Can such a task be done by Dynamo?
I have a linked model in my model.
I want to use Dynamo to place a switch beside each door of the linked model.
Right now I don’t have to know how, just if it is possible.

Yes that can be done
You need the offset from the level though

What command should I use to show him how to position the breaker in relation to the door?

Some steps:

  • Room.Boundaries and build a Polycurve.
  • GetLocation of doors in room
  • Facing orientation of doors
  • Geometry.ClosestPointTo to get the point on the room boundaries.
  • TangentAtPoint
  • Translate closest point by 1/2 worth of door + offset of switch from door along tangent vector.
  • Pull that up by the floor offset.
  • Pull the doors host to get the wall.
  • Hosted family instance at point on wall.
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Thanks I will try it