Placing light switch at an offset distance from a door that is in a Link revit model

I’m new to Dynamo. I’m trying to make a Dynamo script that place for example light switches at defined distance from a door in room. The door and room are in a link Revit file.
I got the base of the script from Søren Villadsen He is working the space but I’m using Room
Is there anyone that can help me :slight_smile:


Hej Thorbjørn…

Yes I will do it for you…could you send the rvt files you work on…you see this is almost over 2 years ago i made this solution and i will definitely do it another way today because of this forum and these amazing guys in here…so its best to upload here…so other can look at it…for find the best solution…


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The files are to large is okay if I send it to you via wetransfer?

Yes offcourse…the right way :wink: ,share the link here

I sent you the wetransfer link to your email.

Hi again

This one here should work, but you have some other issues you had some not valid rooms from your architects and these will fail and is there a reason you work in centimeter instead millimeter ??..

Give it a take and hope it works for you…

Switches doors thorbjørn.dyn (50.0 KB)

PS here you will need Grumple,Genius Loci and Spring packages


Hej Søren

I will give it a try.
Can you send me the dyn file?

Med venlig hilsen

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Yes. no worries

I have already uploaded it…Good luck/s

Here Thorbjorn…here is an updatet version…

Switches doors link room.dyn (93.2 KB)


Hej Søren

Great work :slight_smile:

The script work well

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Could somebody help me with placing face based families?

Hello…Yes it should be possible, could you share what you had tried until now ?

hey, I tried your graph and it worked, but my company is using family based electrical fixtures so i was wondering what nodes/packages could help me to achieve the goal

Hi again

Try to search here about face based families and then make a new topic…good luck