Using Dynamo on earilier versions of Revit


I have checked the dynamo download page and there stands that the latest version of Dynamo is “free with Revit 2015 and 2016”. Does that mean that this version of Dynamo (0.9.0) is only supported for Revit 2015 and 2016?

I actually have a pretty old version of Revit: 2011. I am wondering what are my chances of running Dynamo on it (on Revit 2011) and having python node too.

If it’s not possible to run Dynamo on Revit 2011, will my only chance of having it be by using Dynamo Studio?

Thank you for the reply.

Hi George,

You can get Dynamo studio on a 90 day free trial if you are just looking to try it out first. This trial has Python nodes and all other full feature functionality.

While you can still download older versions from the build page , I’m pretty sure we never built even the oldest ones (Dynamo 0.6.1) against Revit versions as far back as 2011. Dynamo has grown and improved so much since that time that I wouldn’t recommend this route anyway.

Thank you Zach, Is there a similar page for Dynamo Studio, like there is for regular Dynamo ( where older versions of Dynamo Studio could be found? Sadly I have another issue: I am using Windows XP, which Dynamo Studio does not support.

I googled a bit and looks like Dynamo Studio has been released in May 2015, so there’s probably no way this first version worked on Windows XP. Would you be so kind to tell me, which was the first version of Revit Dynamo, which supported the Python node?
It would be useful to know which is the oldest Revit release (Revit 2013?) that supported that Revit Dynamo version.
Thank you.

Hi George,

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to run any version of Dynamo on XP, but if you just need a python console, you could try to dig out an old version of RevitPythonShell that supports Revit 2011.

Thank you for the reply Dimitar, Revit 2013, was the last version which supported Windows XP. Is it possible that none of the 0.6.1 to 0.9.0 Dynamo versions supported Revit 2013?

Dynamo 0.63 supports Revit 2013. However, I believe that your windows installation will have to be 64 bit to be able to execute Dynamo.

It’s a shame to know that Dynamo does not support 32 bit.

Thank you for the help Dimitar.

I must admit that I’m a little confused by the Version complexity.

One of my projects is still in Revit 2014, I’m running Dynamo in this Revit Version. I have higher Revit versions and Dynamo Versions running up to Revit 2017 (Dynamo in Revit 2017)

Can I have only the latest Dynamo run in all Revit Versions?
Can I run in Revit 2014?

I need to add a package from Archi-Labs and run it in a Revit 2014 session but having trouble getting it to work

Backwards comparability works to a point, but not well. Any package which was written for a newer version of the software will run the risk of working or not (the package you are downloading was written for a newer version…). Part of this is due to name changes in core nodes which you can fix. Part of it ha to do with changes to the Revit database structure and API changes which enable new features and often make stuff run faster. A lot faster. Oh yeah more stable too.

For what it’s worth, if you have access to the newer software you should upgrade. I have yet to see an instance where being in a 4 year old version of any software will helps work progress. I’m sure you have reasons, but as I’ve often argued, the benefits of updates far outweigh the efforts required for an upgrade.

Also I believe that Autodesk has stopped (or will stop) supporting that version in the near future, so you may want to bite that bullet just to ensure you don’t wind up with a corrupted model you can’t work with or even upgrade.

FYI, autodesk currently support only the most recent 3 yearly releases…