Dynamo Beginner

Hi, I am a beginner at Dynamo (and even in Revit) and i would like to get advice from experts to guide me in where do i start. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I think i will be asking a lot of questions sooner andi do have my initial questions. I have only Revit 2014 in my company machine and i have installed Dynamo 0.8. I know it is an old version but i have to start somewhere diving into Dynamo. I do have a lot of experience in AutoCAD vanilla or vertical products and some Lisp programming many years ago.

First off, What is the compatibility of Dynamo 0.8 with other earlier and latest versions of Revit? Can i use Dynamo programs done in later versions to Revit 2014?

What is the difference between the Dynamo 0.8 and the latest versions of Dynamo?

Thank you.


For which Revit versions work with which Dynamo Version, this site has all you need: http://primer.dynamobim.org/en/08_Dynamo-for-Revit/8-1_The-Revit-Connection.html

As far as what differences there are now, well… Quite a bit. Starting in 0.8 will severely hamper you. Even finding good training resources may be harder. Start with the Dynamo Primer (the link above).

Same with Revit 2014. That version of software is nearly 6 years old now, and has not had any support for 2 years. If you’re doing project work with this build, then I t’s time to update (a few years past time actually).


Thank you @JacobSmall. Much appreciated for the big help. Exactly what I was looking for.

Right now, in my workstation, I’m stuck with Revit 2014 since it is project mandated along with the other software versions.

I have a Revit 2017 in my personal laptop at home with the latest dynamo version. My guess the graphs produced here will not work with 2014. I see there are improvements in the UI and additional functionalites but I think the basic principles are the same.

Thank you.
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