Using Dynamo in Family templates


What family templates does Dynamo work with?

I am trying use Dynamo to create a profile curve. If I use a generic model family template it works, I can place model curves. However, if I use a profile family, I get the error ‘Sketch plane creation is not allowed in this family’.


This could be because profile only use drafting lines and you are using a model cure. Not 100% sure but that would be my first guess

It looks like profile families think of this as a detail line. You also need to convert your line element to a curve (don’t know why).

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I will post the Curve.FromLine to Rhythm shortly and the python script is a modification of Clockwork’s DetailLine.FromCurve. So I may submit that as a pull request, and if he doesn’t accept I will post it on Rhythm as well. In the meantime, here is the python script and the .dyf DetailLine.FromCurve

2016-02-17 08_17_57