Using Dynamo for multiple retrofit facade creation

Hi all

I’d be glad if you could let me know your opinions on a massive task coming up;

I haven’t used Dynamo before and trying to understand if it is worth to learn it for this task.

For the retrofit of a housing district, hundreds of facade panels will be prefabricated. Up to now, both existing and retrofit drawings were produced in Autocad manually based on 3D scans. I would like to test if I can accelerate the process by producing both existing facades and retrofit panels using Dynamo. As the houses to be retrofitted are archetypical (for sure none is identical), can I model one type of house in Revit and then assign parameters in Dynamo that create variations; can these parameters be derived automatically from point clouds? Similarly, prefabricated panels will be typical with variations.

I’d be very grateful to discuss the process in detail with the kind Dynamo experts out there?

thank you already

This is certainly attainable, but if you don’t yet have a strong Revit skill set and haven’t yet used Dynamo you may be biting off a bit too much too quickly. Knowing how you’d control this first in Revit via manual efforts will be key.