Facade Desing with Dynamo and Import in REVIT

Hi everyone,

I have been assign to build this facade that designed with Grasshopper, so I am trying to use Dynamo, so I will be able to import in Revit.

I have to admit I am so new to Dynamo.

Please, I need your help guys to explain to me How do I do this.

Any help I will be appreciated…

Have you looked at the processes described in this post?

@Ewan_Opie : Thanks Ewan, I will have a look at this, I hope it will help me. :wink:

What about using Rhynamo. I believe you can import elements from Rhino to Dynamo, although, I have not tried it.

@cmoz4576 : You are right, it is possible, but there is a few things, first of all the person who done this in Grasshopper is not working with us anymore so we don’t have access to the original file, and secondly I am in learning possess of Dynamo so I would like to be able to completely built it in Dynamo…

For testing, Can you post a .sat file or similar containing the 3D geometry?

Edit: Although, now looking at it, this can be done quite simply in Dynamo. I’ll post an example workflow tommorow that you can use as reference to build your own. No Dynamo out of work :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Ewan_Opie: I tried to send you the 3D file but because I am new to this forum, its says I cant attach any files since I am new member, is there any other way I can deliver the file to you, Please kindly let me know, I am so appreciated and happy for you all help, I am flying right now… :wink: …Thank you so much…

@Ewan_Opie : I just uploaded them on WeTransfer, here is the Download Link:

Download link : https://we.tl/GdVISrUtEu

Thanks Again… :wink:

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One method would be to extract points based on the panel widths, rotate the top points as required and loft a surface from base lines to new rotated lines along the top of the assembly.


Examine the node layout and sequence of events within this script.
(D1.3) Facade Slider Controlled v1.dyn (43.9 KB)

It looks like there are additional gap and panel thickness parameters you will need to add into the node sequence also for your specific workflow.

This should be a great learning exercise for you as this kind of undertaking covers a lot of Dynamo basics. :grinning:


@Ewan_Opie : Thank you so much and sorry for my late reply as I was busy whole day…really appreciated your kindness and will try to learn from this… :wink: