Using DWG Parameter Values

How can I get “handle” which is the ID of each object of DWG as the same number when reading with dynamo studio?
Thank you.

What have you tried so far?

Thank you for your reply.
I am looking for various things, but I can not find it.
It is not described in DynamoPrimar and it does not appear even if it is searched
in trouble. Nice to meet you.

Can you upload a copy of the DWG file?

I decided not to have a hundle.
Thank you foe your reply.

Can you post your alternative workflow as a solution? Or a reference file for others to try and replicate your workflow?


I would be interessed into this mattter aswell, I’m triing to translate a dwg text object into a revit topographie. x/y of text insert and the Text contains the z-axis

Why don’t you use the _dataextraction command in Autocad ?
You can then read the csv file in Dynamo.
Are your text objects blocks ?

Thanks Alban it is in fact a solution we offered as well, but our client would like to leave the autocad solution and not force their user to use autocad again.

therefore we are looking for a non-autocad solution

here the dwg file in question:
test topo.dwg (105.8 KB)

Something like this?

Import the 3D DWG, explode, select all elements then…

We are a bit off the original topic now so if this does not provide the necessary information can you please start a new topic that references this one @y.chatain

You are quite right, i’m still missing how you imported to revit, can you send me your revit file?

Thanks in advance

Renamed the topic for better search clarity.

Just import the DWG using the standard Revit function and make sure to un-tick the checkbox for current view only. This ensures the DWG is inserted into 3D space.

very Nice, thank you very much, I just had the language-textnote problem. Otherwise: Worked like a charm!

See in Github