Autocad text to revit


I’m trying to get the text from AUTOCAD into revit. I succesfully added those text, but for some reason I’m not getting them in the correct position:

But in REVIT they appeared in such a weird and scattered fashion.

Someone else has experienced the same problem before?

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Hello @666Cachopo_Cultist66 ,

Sometimes i am also facing the same issue, I don’t know the actual reason behind it,
but to overcome this issue, I tried to Copy only those text which i want from the file and paste it new file and check the insertion points of the reference block (if any) , they must be close to block , not 100-1000m away from the block.
then try to link that new cad file.
lot of times this process work but not 100%.

How is the relation between internal point and base point?

I was facing this an issue like,
If a cad file contain multiple reference block whose insertion point is far away from the block location (for example 100 or 1000 m). then i was importing this cad file through origin to origin then will show an popup message showing , can’t be imported origin to origin but can be imported as center to center. so it wont overlay with other drawing because all other drawing are imported with origin to origin.

my solution: try to delete all the unnecessary data or copy selected data & paste in new file and check whether it is placing at the correct location or not,
if not, then change the reference point of the block which i want and again import the file.

Hi i like this script.

can you provide me with the script for download i am urgently looking for something like this.

I have a lot of DWGs with texts and would like to import them as Revit text but unfortunately I lack the necessary knowledge of dynamo programming it would be nice to get the file.