Can Dynamo read text/number values from CAD?

As the title suggest, I was wondering if there’s a way to acquire numerical values (I was thinking about elevations or heights, for example) from a CAD file and then use those values to create a list… Any advice on this?

Anything is possible!!!

Seriously though - yes. The ‘easy’ way to do this is via the dataextract command in autocad, which will create a csv you can easily read the values from.


Yeah, I thought of this… but can this be done throught dynamo? And how those parameters can be harvested in revit? Can the csv contain the value and the position in the project?

To directly read autocad files is more in depth than the data extraction, but I have seen Dynamo interact with AutoCAD before - in fact advanced steel is frequently brought up but rarely discussed here as it’s kinda another beast - the forum tends to focus on Revit.

As far as the data exported via the data extraction command, try it out and see what you can pull. Possible outputs vary based on type of object exported. Coordinates are usually attainable from points and blocks. Lines give endpoints, length, etc. Arcs centers, angles, and whatnot.


Thank you Jacob, I’ll give it a reading to see if it’s helpful and I’ll keep you updated on this if something interesting comes up from my research

Make sure to check the MEPOVER and Bimorph package, they both have nifty tricks for DWG

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll check those