Using data-shapes UI with bimorph Duplicate Sheets

I would like to set certain sheet parameters AFTER they have been created via the Sheets.DuplicateSheets node.

I am wanting the user chosen sheets (hence the data-shapes UI) to be duplicated with prefix. The following graph gets me close but I’m not sure how to get back the newly created sheets from the bimorph node. It is only output is “Report”.

Should I try another node besides the bimorph Sheets.DuplicateSheets node for this task?

Thank you for any insights.

Its a tricky one TBH. When BimorphNodes 2.0 launched I included the Sheets and placed Views as outputs for downstream workflows. However, the output can only exist for a single run as its replaced (disposed) by new sheets output from any subsequent run.

That resulted in 2 workflow problems that lead me to removal these outputs until a better solution can be found (if any, as it would ultimately contravene Dynamo’s graph-update dynamics which disposes all objects with every run):

  1. If the Sheets output was not connected BEFORE running, for say, renaming - like what you need to do - then it couldn’t be used at all since the next run replaced the output with the new set of duplicates

  2. Preventing the node from running, by setting the run input to false as a means of dealing with issue 1 simply nulls all outputs

That said, there may be some decent solutions:

  1. Output the sheets, and if the node’s run input is set to false, continue outputting the same sheets instead of outputting null - essentially, avoid element disposal until run is set to true again. However, this is unlikely to be compatible with Data-Shapes UI since you would need to time a boolean node to switch to false once the duplication process completes

  2. Implement a trace as described here Dynamo ZT Examples - TRACE although this would bring with it its own problems as every run would add to the data store and quickly become unmanageable and not very useful to the user, not to mention the fact that its implementation is far from trivial!

Really, I think solution 1 is best and I will look at the feasibility of implementing this update for BimorphNodes v2.1 expected Q3 2017. In the meantime, you can download BimorphNodes v2.0.2 from the package manager which included the outputs you need.