Using Data-Shapes to export Revit Schedule to Excel


I just recently found out about Data-Shapes and wanted to re-do a script I have to export a Revit schedule to Excel.

While I still get my head around data shapes, is it possible to have a dropdown list in the popup which can pick a schedule?

The portion in red is the original script I was using. To make it as simple as possible using Dynamo Player we want a few inputs for Column & Row (which I think I have), file path for excel and a drop down for the schedule.

The later is the bit I’m stuck on, I’ve looked at some of the blog posts but I can’t figure out how to create the drop down referencing a schedule.


My Dynamo seems to be having an issue and haven’t been able to run the script just yet to see if the colum/row section works.


Yes, you can do that and it is fairly easy. Refer to datashape’s website for more information on how to use his nodes.


I think I can see how it’s done. Correct me if I’m wrong, do I just keep adding to my List.Create for each of the inputs I need?


yup thats basically what you should do, the input nodes should be from data shape as well


I have everything setup except a dropdown list for picking a schedule, I’m not sure how to do this part and I can’t find examples. Anyone got an example of how to do this?


So sorry for the late reply @JoziB, would like to ask if you had solve your own issue already? If you havent, im still willing to help


Yes I got it after I posted. I can’t remember what I did, I probably found it via the data-shapes blog/site.


For anyone looking to do similar!