Mapping information in Excel and parameter information to push properties

I’m a beginner at Dynamo.
I’d like to add a parameter using Excel.
I would like to map the room name and parameter room name on Excel and put the floor information, is there any way?
I have completed importing Excel information to SetParameterByame, but it cannot be mapped.
Revit Parameter Excel

You need to feed Room Elements into the Element into on the last node, not just strings (names).

Try searching the forum, this question has multiple topics and solutions already.

I would also learn about Dictionaries, it will cut down on sorting/filtering quite a bit and be more straighforward to link the external data to the Room in Revit.

The workflow would be like this:

  1. Read the Excel file containing Room Names in 1 column and another column(s) with data to be added.
  2. Make (multiple) dictionaries linking Room Names to the data.
  3. Collect all the Rooms in the project
  4. Ask their Names
  5. Ask the Dictionary for the data belonging to that Name
  6. Set Parameter.