User interface problem

Hi: I am a college student who start learning Dynamo these day. However there are something wrong because when i start the software I could not get access to the 3D perspective view (or geometry view) hence when I press the RUN button I could not see whether I am doing right or not. The only thing that I could see is the 2d interface. Beside in the view menu the selection of the 3D view is gray. And since my OS is Chinese I could not switch to the English version. Which file am I missing?

I have read those post about the same problem and my Computer is 4790K with GTX760 and 16G RAM. I launch the Dynamo from Revit and check the Nevida setting though nothing helps. However my friend’s I5, without individual graphic card, is working fine with the Dynamo 9.0

Hi Yang,

In you graph your feeding “Number” node with value “0” to “Point.ByCordinates”. No need to feed Number node its already considered X,Y,Z are 0. For your 3D preview issue follow the settings shown on the below screenshot. Good Luck!

Hi Kulkul:

Thank you for replying me! I have try that option though when I enter the menu of the background 3d preview, and then enter the available preview, the background preview is gray, as what I show in the picture. Besides my problem is similar as the one which discuss in this topic :

I have try those methods such as launching dynamo from revit or check the graphic card setting though nothing works.

Hi Yang,

It seems you don’t have access to change any settings. You need administrator access. Contact IT support for further assistance. Good Luck!

There are a couple other threads along the same lines as this issue. Geneally we see this problem associated with machines that have 2 graphics cards, an integrated and a high performace one. Please check if this helps:

Q: The background 3D preview is not available. A: Since Dynamo 0.8.2, Dynamo uses DirectX for hardware accelerated graphics. If the background preview is missing, your machine might have switchable graphics. Many laptops have two GPUs, a dedicated GPU (NVidia, AMD, etc.) and an “integrated” GPU (Intel HD Graphics). Graphics card manufacturers have each developed their own protocols for switching between your integrated chip and your “high performance” chip to conserve battery life. In most cases these manufacturers provide a control panel where you can specify what applications should use the dedicated GPU. Autodesk has published a number of pages for different applications on dealing with these issues. We recommend you try some of the solutions listed here.