User input points in current view

Which is the best way to prompt the user for a sequence of points and use them in a dynamo script?
Like lisp “getpoint()” function.?

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Have a look at these topics :wink:

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the Sastrugi node seems to work, however, the Revit points returned by the node are out in space (like, 100s time bigger than the points I am inputting) while the Dynamo points are triplets of numbers within round parenthesis, which of course cannot be used with the Line by points node…

Any suggestion? How do I scale the RevitPoints? or how do I use the DynamoPoints?

See attached

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What is your project unit for distance?
The node is written to convert from Revits Standard of Imperial, to Metric measurements. I will post the code snip in the morning of this function without any conversion. In the meantime, you could try the unit conversion OOTB node.

Also, another consideration, are you in a Sheet view or model view?

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I was testing this in a default plan view.
I thought the node would return the actual points picked, no matter what project units.

What is the use of the “DynamoPoints?” I cannot find where they are documented. What kind of data structure is that? I have no problems using those, but they do not seem compatible with other nodes…

There was a post about a node that converts “comma delimited data” into regular lists, but I cannot find the package…

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Perhaps a slight re-write in my next package update to sense project units.

A thought, is your project location based on shared coordinates? If so, this may be the reason the node is reporting only the Dynamo XYZ not the transformed Revit XYZ.

Can you try converting the coordinates picked and see if that alleviates your issue.
(I should include this functionality into the node as an options as well :thinking:)

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thank you, let me know when you will have time to revise the script.

I have elected not to use direct points input, even because there is no robber line between the points, and it becomes difficult to see what one is drawing.

So I decided to use regular Revit detail lines, to be imputed in the script. Of course, the OOTB node (incredibly) only allows for window selecting, no clicks, no CTRL, no Shift, no Tab to select linked lines.

So I found a node that return the current Revit selection, and I decided to use the script with a pre-picked sequence of detail lines.

Of course there is no way to write instructions in the Dynamo player, (like a text note at the beginning) so I will have to write a separate document to tell people how to use the script.

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The Data-shapes package by @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi allows for multiple user prompts, instructional input and multiple selection (even from linked files).
I recommend you take a look. :telescope:
There are multiple topics relating to the use of this great package.

I always recommend exploring with an open mind to what Dynamo can and cannot do, it will typically surprise you (as it has me) with what its capabilities are. :grinning:

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