Ways of setting a sketch/workplane with dynamo

Hello y’all, how do I set a plane as the active sketchplane/workplane with the use of dynamo?

I already have my plane well defined and i’m getting an output of “plane” with the node i’m using, but i can’t seen to find how do i feed this plane in a python script or another node who would set it up as the active one… Anyone can help?


Use the Curve.PullOntoPlane node after sketching

I think i didn’t make myself clear enough, sorry!

I’m trying to build a routine to automatically set my sketchplane according to the view, and so far i can get the plane that is set to my view (using clockworks node, View.Plane), but i can’t find a way to set it as the active one. i work with cloudpoints and as built modelling, and sometimes its really time consuming to define sketch planes for geometry that is not perpendicular (and even perpendicular ones, sometimes, when you have to do it like 500 times).

Is this possible? and if it is, how will my Z axis starting point be defined?

Have a look at the Sastrugi package, there may be something there.
It has nodes for point cloud data.

looks like sastrugi had already done exactly what i was looking to do, now I will try to understand how he did it!

thank you for your answers