Sastrugi's "Pick points on workplane" not working on specific view

I’ve been using the Pick points on workplane node from @Ewan_Opie’s Sastrugi package a lot and it has been an abolutely amazing tool that has allowed me to create tools which quite dramatically improved the previous workflows so I hate to complain about it here.

But the node doesn’t seem to work in certain specific views. You start it and after the pop up nothing happens and the node gives an empty list as output. This isn’t the only time weird stuff happened with this specific project. But I’d sitll like to know if there might be something in the python code which could cause it.

Hi @PauLtus great to hear you are getting some good use out of my package :grinning:

Can you let me know what version of Dynamo you are using and what views the node is having issues with?

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Good to hear it from the one and only creator!

It’s Dynamo 1.3.4 and it concerns a ceiling plan.

So no points at all are returned, hmm I am not at the PC again for a week, so cannot try to replicate the error. But I do have a few thoughts at least.

I recall Ceiling Plans having a different associations with respect to levels and workplanes than ordinary plan views, but can’t find a link to that information at the moment, I will keep looking. :+1:

In the meantime, have you tried setting the sketchplane to be the active view before picking the points? Similar to what I have described here:

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It’s not me who’s currently working on that project. So I don’t know. It might be that that indeed is the problem. I guess adding the node you suggest couldn’t hurt either.

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It seems to work!

Thanks a lot!

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