User defined family palette

I want to implement “User defined family palette” which is kind of small project browser. It shouls be separate window consisting only names of families chosen by user. The broblem is I am API newbee. Can some of you give me a direction to search?

Below is attempt of graphcal implementation of what I want to do.


Could you show how to do this without Dynamo?

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What you’re trying to do there is make a dockable window. It’s not a beginner friendly topic unfortunately. Walk before you run, otherwise you’ll just trip over.

Short of programming these using C# and Revit add-ins, I believe the only other way I’ve seen this is achievable is using pyRevit. There is an example over here on their forums including Python code:

Ehsan shares an example on his git also, which contains a ‘do something’ button. In your case those buttons would probably need to call the place family instance command, which I believe can be done using a postable command. Again, not beginner friendly.

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PyRevit can manage this to some extent, but a full add-in would be orders of magnitude more stable and easier to maintain.

A ways to go for an API newbie then.

I’d suggest trying pyrevit as an API stepping stone. The code is generally exposed and well documented, whereas simply using Revit api docs and jeremy’s blog for me personally never got me close to putting it all together from ground up.

Hi, thanks all of you for sharing with your ideas.
As @GavinCrump mentioned above, I also think, that pyRevit is only option for me to execute this program. I also found some similar topics on the forum and outside and now try to find most convenient way to do that in respect knowledge I have.

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I second that, RevitAPI docs can be a nightmare at sometimes. PyRevit gives u an insight to utilizing the RevitAPI in such as simple way that you begin to understand the docs after some time. In addition its motivating when you successfully work it out. However, that might be specific to python and its easier syntax/learning curve.

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