How to develop/design UIs using pyRevit?

Hello guys,

I am working on a plugin using python (pyRevit) and everything is fine. But I am facing some limitations in my plugin interface.
As shown below I am using a combination of options that generates according to previous user input.

Actually these are the possibilities for stirrups to be placed in a column.

It is good but I think such interface is not user friendly. My question is can I user another user interface presentation? like the image below for example:


And please note that I am using python with the help of Revit Python Wrapper (RPW)

So any suggestion?
Thank you

@ali.safiaddine, thanks for your question, but the Dynamo forums aren’t really the place for this question since you aren’t utilizing Dynamo in any way. I would suggest you try other forums related to the pyRevit application specifically and/or implementation methods for Revit add-ins.

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@ali.safiaddine for pyrevit related issues post your issues here:

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