Use Room.Windows node

I find the list of windows
Use Room.Windows node

You sure that’s the right phase? First item on that list will most likely be Existing Phase, and from top of my head I bet that all new stuff you placed will actually be in New Construction phase. Please check that.

I tried with another phase

Hi Alex,
You can also use “Tools.GetSurroundingElements” node from steam nodes package:

Thanks for all the help
With Tool.GetSurroundingElements node works fine
with Room.Windows do not get the list

Hi Kulkul,

I try to use your solutions to link the rooms of my project and their doors,

  • firstly with the Tool.GetSurrounding, and it working, I can find my rooms, and my doors (and export it to excel). But actually this tool link with my rooms also the other doors near of this room,… I tried to adjust the tolerance at “0.1” and it’s better, but it’s still not correct…

For exemple : the Room id : 643039 has just one door which is BPCV_2V_140x200, all of the others are doors for others rooms next to the Room 643039

Thank you for your help.

Hi David,

Can you create new topic with your issue and link this topic as a reference. This topic has been solved. Thanks :slight_smile:

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