Element.Room node (Rhythm) package - null values



Hi all!

I’m facing a strange error today!
I am using the node “Element.Room” to detect each window’s room, it works perfectly in two of my models, but in the third model it doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

Percentages of each material in a curtain wall

Anything to do with the phases?
My rooms’ phase is a newer than the window’s phase. Maybe this is the problem?


Maybe check the windows Room Calculation Point in Revit


It’s activated, since the whole script is depending on this feature.


Do you mean that window’s rooms can be scheduled?


I agree with this. Windows might be a bit difficult to make this work without this.


I can’t take a look at this right now, thank you very much @john_pierson to answer :relaxed:


Yes, the windows room calculation point is already activated.
I think this is what you mean (screenshot attached).
Thanks @john_pierson for your awesome package!


Thank you, glad you like it!

It looks like your rooms are pretty far from that window too though. Are your rooms the green?


Yes, the rooms are in green.
But in fact the window family is an opening, it doesn’t create any real object.
Highlighted in below (attached).


Aw, that makes sense then! Maybe try modeling a small piece of geometry, like a cube in the window? You can of course make this hidden though.


I tried; but it didn’t work.

Do you think that it has anything to do with phasing?
The rooms’ phase is Phase 3, and the windows are located on Phase 2.


@Ahmad_Saad, that’s exactly it. I will have to see if I can make this work with Rooms that are different phases.


You’re right, this is the reason.
I changed the windows’ phase for testing purpose, and it could detect some rooms, not all of them yet, I guess because I still have some families where the room calculation point is not activated yet.

Thanks you very much, it would be great if you could suggest any solution for a case like this; I am developing a solution which could save a lot of time for the project team, and the project is complicated concerning the phases.


It will take me a little time to get it, but let’s see what I can have by the end of the day?

*edit- ok, so end of day didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean I’ve forgot though. I’ll report back once I’ve investigated some more.


Sure, thanks John!


The nulls are also caused by windows that have no room association. The biggest culprits are obviously windows on the external facade which have been flipped. A simple way to check is to look at the flip arrows in your model.

This window is in room 1

This flipped window shown below is contained in the opposite room - since its an external facade and there is no opposite room, the API room containment call will correctly return null:


@Thomas_Mahon, this does not remedy if the phases are different though.

The problem you are indicating is in fact not a problem because we can script them to flip to get the room and flip back with clockwork nodes.

The phase is the big issue here.


@john_pierson indeed, I wasn’t suggesting it would. Rather, phases cover one half of the problem, the other half of the problem is where new windows on the same phase are flipped. Whichever way you look at it, both are problems that require a remedy :wink:


Of course, we went through this in another thread once. Clockwork definitely helps out!