I woud like to know what room is adjoining with witch other room

First THANKS A LOT for this forum and all your answers.
Here is wath i am looking for.
At first I find ID of walls and I send them to every wall then I also send ID of walls to every room(part,play) which corresponds finally I find party walls.
My objective is to have a code which says which room(part,play) is adjoining with which other room(part,play) the lounge(show) and adjoining with the garage (lounge(show) - garage) the lounge(show) and adjoining with the room(chamber) (lounge(show) - room(chamber)) the garage is adjoining with the room(chamber) (garage - room(chamber))
Some pictures of my definition.
Thank you for your help.
and bravo for Dynamo

Hi @Frederic_Bidault
You can try using Tool.GetSurroundingElements from SteamNodes:

Thank you very much Viktor. I will try this night and i will give you thé
result. Have a good day. Frédéric

Great, thank you Viktor.
When I compare a room(part,play) with all the others the result(profit) is just with SelectElement.
Now I have to make him(it) but in automatic.
Every room(part,play) with all the others.
I fetch but that is going to set much more time(weather). I shall contact you when I shall have made a success.
Thank you again Viktor for your help(assistant).