Use of reporting parameters in formulas

I face the following problem in using reporting parameters & hopefully someone could help explain the problem:

In the first example, a formula for 'height' was created which includes the reporting parameter 'angle', and the parameter works ok.

In the second example, the same was done but repeatedly an error message appeared.

'A reporting parameter can be used in a formula only if its dimensions are all to host elements in the family.'

In both instances, the angular dimensions were swimilarly done by setting the respective triangles as workplane, then selecting the reference lines of the two triangle sides for dimensioning the angles, It seems to me that both situations are the same, but yet resulting in different response from Vasari. If any of you have encountered similar situation and can help explain why this is so, please do.

Much appreciated.

Hi Andreas,

Your reply was very helpful in making clear one small limitation of adaptive component with regards angular reporting parameter usage. (btw, the fifth reference point has been made adaptive else the adaptive point icon wouldn't happen.) It did occur to me to use the Law of Cosine option, but If only it could be done (wishlist item?) it would have been a much more simplistic and direct way.

Many thanks & rgds



i'm assuming that what you've built is an adaptive component family, although the placement points don't look like they've been made adaptive yet (or you've set "show placement number" to "never".

anyway, as far as i know, using an angular reporting parameter in an adaptive component doesn't work, because there are no host elements that could be referenced, i.e. the only host elements are the placement points and not the reference lines you might decide to connect them with. thus, when you dimension the angle for the reporting parameter, your referenced elements are the lines that you created yourself. the pattern-based family template, on the other hand, comes with pre-baked reference lines - that would explain why they can be referenced for an angular reporting parameter.

i would suggest using the law of cosines ( instead to have Revit/Vasari calculate the angle in question. you will need three reporting parameters of the "length" variety for that, but it's a robust solution. (see attached file)