Use linked mechanical model to create voids in walls

I posted this on another thread, but it should be useful anyway:

There is already a free plugin developed by Tools4Revit that deals with MEP and architectural models:

Hope this helps,

Awesome, thanks for that. I will definitely check it out.

I Have looked in the Categories and cant find DuctCurves, have autodesk removed it from that list ?
I checked in both 2015, and 2016, do you know of a work around ?

Which Dynamo version your using?

Version 1.1 currently, is it on a earlier version ?

Use “Ducts” instead.

Above link page isn’t available
could anyone help me out to find the Get Documents nodes

I know this is old but I was re-visiting this today for a bit of fun and I had issues with the voids. I’m curious as to what family you used for your voids?
Generic model, face based? Wall hosted?

Hi all,

I tried, but it is not working. kindly let me know where I did mistake. Please check the attached image.

“Element.GetFromLinkedFile” is it from Archilab

Hi Kulkul
Can you please suggest from the attached why the geometry is not cut and Element.CutGeometry returning false.

I got the package from where its coming “SteamNodes”


You need to connect elements.

Connected however no change… the geometry is not cut though in place

The problem may be in your Family file. Did you forget to mark this?

If it still doesn’t work, try this node I shared.
Opening.ElementFace.Hole.dyf (7.2 KB)

tried the same in family but not worked. will confirm after trying the node you shared

2.dyn (26.0 KB)

Shared the dyn… for a feasible way out

I’d say problem it’s in your family file. I tested it for you. It’s working fine with me. Can you share your family file.?

Good Morning Durmus
Ooh good to see my script working. Please find the family file, was worried what was wrong in the family. M_Door-Opening.rfa (400 KB)