Linked Model Penetrations Auto Opening Creation

I am attempting to run openings on Assemblies of MEP Fabrication Pipework in a Linked model (Architecture is Source) in order to create openings. However, I am stuck at the intersection point. Does linked model intersect with walls if so create bounding boxes with opening family.

Hello @dan.watkinsVTJ9C and welcome…probaly something here could help on MEP Fabrication…

test void forum mesh.dyn (55.1 KB)

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Thanks, I appreciate the potential solution, my hardware and the magnitude of the project just crashes revit and dynamo I do not think I can brute force all the walls / penetrations at the same time and would have to piece it in selection sets. To much of novice to understand dynamo rules(image). If for both methods selection can pick multiple objects and finish selection than try to go into this script would be helpful. Just dont know how to do it. Thank you for your assistance over holidays.

Hi @ if you want you could share a little bit of your rvt fies…then we can find out…

I wish I could it is an industrial plant, confidential I doubt my employer would be pleased if I shared. the penetrations are MEP Fabrication Pipework that are Assemblies. Multiple buildings in one file and an immense array of MEP lines.