Creating void in walls for ducts

I create a graph that let u select a wall&duct then place a void family instance(Genric Model wall based) in intersection,
dimension of void taken from duct parameters (width,height,etc).
the graph show that void instance is created but no element in Revit.
any idea about the reason?

Select by Id in Revit and check location, workset, phase?

i try to select by id then isolate but nothing shown

Maybe change it to an element with geometry (temporarily) to check its position.

Try removing the ‘set elevation’ as it appears you are pushing the item off of the wall.

the issue is that void doesnt have a host,
i changed the node to FamilyInstance.ByHostAndPoint instead of FamilyInstance.ByPoint ,
now i still with the default Elevation that i should remove , is there a way to remove it from the family?

Then add parameter to width and height of opening and use family based face & this is the result.


@rinag; i also need to to the same but in my case, MEP services are linked…and its not just ducting only.

use this nodes for linked Ducts:

Hi rinag, could you please share the dynamo workflow. It would be a huge help. I have been stuck with this workflow for a frustratingly long time with no apparent solution.