Use dynamo to find and and repoint to missing links

Our firm is moving data from one drive to a new one. This has created a nightmare because we have lost reference to our linked files.

Is there a script I can use to force Revit to look into the new base folder and reattach missing items?

I did a quick search but can’t seem to find similar issues.


Hi @femi.osewa,

You can use these nodes of the Genius Loci package to repath the links from a new folder :

Thanks Alban, I have started setting this up, but I have a quick question regarding the RevitLinkPath Type, I am not sure which node to connect to this? I will really appreciate a pointer on this

You would not connect those two nodes. Both inputs are the looking for the same object. RevitLinkType.PathType will return the path (string) for the given link (LinkType). The Reload node is also looking for the LinkType to reload. You should be able to get the available link types from Categories or ElementTypes (pretty sure it’s ElementTypes but could be wrong.)